Aiersite Invisible

Aiersite invisible aligner/retainer, registration license number : dianxiezhuzhun:20192170044 by Chinese FDA

Aiersite (Aiersite) new “invisible” tooth technology, he wears a series of completely transparent appliances made of polymer materials, gradually moving teeth, to achieve the purpose of correction.

Aiersite (Aiersite) makes you completely get rid of the embarrassment of traditional orthodontic “iron teeth steel teeth”.

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Advantages of Aiersite

  • At the beginning of wearing, The intensity is gentle, the patient feels comfortable
  • Within two weeks of wearing, Continuous gentle force to maintain the corrective force required for tooth movement
  • After the appliance is stretched, High-elastic Aiersite (Aiersite) can restore the appliance to the original shape to a large extent, maintaining the fit with teeth and accessories
  • Good fit
  • All-round personalized customization