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J and H Dental Lab LLC is founded on the basis of affection for the dental industry, employing modern and advanced dental technology to serving, add-value and providing supply needs to dentists and dental labs the world over who face insufficiency in technicians and equipment supply.

Dental lab outsourcing solution not only about cutting costs, but about providing excellent work at affordable prices in a professional atmosphere. At J and H Dental Lab, we work to bring these elements to every order and client account we process, our growing is the success testament based on dental professional satisfaction.

Our Dental Products

Aiersite Invisible Appliance

Aiersite invisible aligner/retainer, registration license number: dianxiezhuzhun:20192170044 by Chinese FDA.

Digital Printed All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Digital automatic color matching system with all Vita CLASSICAL , VITA3D Master, and Ivoclar shade guide can meet all clinical matching requirements.

Telecoping and Precise Attachment

What we like most about the attachment is its esthetic advantage.
It has always been a challenge to match a porcelain restoration.

JH Dell Customized Implant Bridges

Customized angle-correct the deviation of implants position and angle and being support of upper restoration

Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain we use: Vita VM 95 Made in Germany CE0124

Metal Framework for Removable Dentures

We use: Bego Wironium Chrome-Cobalt Denture Alloy CE0197 Made in Germany

JH Dental Lab Dental Services

Our Dental Services

  • 24 Hrs Online communication through skype
  • Chinese, English, French language available
  • Key Accounts
  • Quality warranty on time
  • On-time delivery

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