About Us


J&H Dental Lab is founded on the basis of affection for the dental industry, employing modern and advanced dental technology to serving, add-value and providing supply needs to dentists all over the world who deserve the cost-effective dental products.

Dental lab outsourcing solution not only about cutting costs, but about providing excellent work at affordable prices in a professional atmosphere. At J&H Dental Lab, we work to bring these elements to every order and client account we process, our growing is the success testament based on dental professional satisfaction.

With over decades of experience serving in this field, we have established a team of technical professionals dedicated to manufacture artificial teeth utilizing world renowned brand names in dentistry materials that are EC certified, in order to fast deliver our best quality of teeth to countries all around the globe.

We listen to every detail of our customers’ needs, at the same time we constantly strive for perfection, emphasize on quality first and consistent high quality produce is our main priority.